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Friday, July 15, 2011

diary: "about a journal"

in the name of Allah, the most gracious and most merciful.

i think it has been a long time i'm not writing in english and this time it could be just a simple post, about a journal. perhaps diary and journal can give us a same meaning but there is a story behind the word 'journal'.

when i was form 2, there is a teacher that introduce this word to my class. We were urged to write a journal at least a page per day. Basically we had to reflect our daily life but it turned to be a boring task since life in hostel is a routine. Then my teacher start to realize about it and we were allowed to copy any article from 'thestar' news paper.

Actually i saw this task as a burden with no benefit. While everybody wrote a page per day my journal only a page for two days. haha. see, how lazy i was! unfortunately she was my english teacher when i was form 4 and form 5. btw in form 4 i seems not a school boy, so ignore about it. Meaning 2 years of writing the 'journal'. haha. it was 'unfortunate' just because of the task otherwise i felt really grateful to be her student, a very dedicated teacher.

then when it was near to spm, only i start to realize the importance of the task since that time we had to write a lot of essays as a practice and i could feel my vocabulary and sentence showed not much improvement. it sounds 'cliche'. ( you can judge through this post) In my opinion, if i did wrote the journal everyday at least i can have various of vocab and maybe some 'bombastic' phrases.

Why i write about this?

Actually my holiday suddenly increase and i have to figure out more activities to fulfill my day and the most important thing is with minimum cost but maximum benefit. haha. money is very crucial. so one of the thing is i start to write a 'journal' but not reflecting my day, just copy any article and look out the meaning for the new words. i do this just before going to bed.

"More planning shall give more chances of victory while less planning, less chances of victory. So how about totally without planning?" - Sun Tzu, 500 BC

This is apart of my activity during this long holiday besides of making some money through 'self-employed' business and reading books. it sounds boring right? better go for vacation, hanging out with friends and many more interesting activity BUT if you can sponsor all those activities i have no problem about it. ok then?

thank you for reading, chiow!


1 comment:

Sher said...

keep on writing (in English) dear Faiz - even if you think there's no one reading it.. practice makes perfect InsyaAllah.. :)