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Friday, August 27, 2010

second half already begin

Ramadhan 17, 1431.

while we are gearing up to the fullest,
to grab every reward in this ramadhan,
to search for al qadar,
there are people that already think about raya,
never realize that today is nuzul quran,
the raya songs already played in the laptop,
it seems like we are praying so that this ramadhan quickly ended.
perhaps that is our culture,
which is different with prophet Muhammad and his companions' era,
that's why nowadays its ok if we are not in cultural norm,
because our cultural norm is not normal already,
so keep practicing what are stated in quran and sunnah,
even people weirdly glancing on you.
its like a song : " i'm not afraid to stand alone"

"beruntunglah orang yang dagang..."


Saturday, August 21, 2010

one third

"menulis dengan perasaan bercampur baur, angkara IB.."

the times goes by,
it seems like just yesterday i said ahlan wa sah lan,
but today it's eleventh already,
am i seize every seconds and opportunities?

it's like non stop heavy rain,
it is up to us whether to use every drops of it,
or just to let it flowing into the drain,
jibril once said to our prophet.
"it is very bad for those who have the opportunity to be in Ramadhan,
but they never try to be a better person",
the prayer was 'amin' by our prophet Muhammad.

we still have about nineteen more days,
for those who are just realize it,
better grab these opportunities,
next year is not guarantee yet.

"Dan janganlah berasa lemah dan sedih, sesungguh kamulah paling tinggi sekiranya kamu beriman [3:139]" - be strong.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

ahlan wa sahlan ya ramadhan

salam ramadhan to all readers,today is the first of ramadhan and most of the bloggers wrote about about ramadhan. everybody step into ramadhan with full of hope and i prayed so that all of my fellow bloggers can achieve the target.

yesterday i was challenged to compete in doing 'amal' and i accept it without hesitate. some people said better we focus on quality of our ibadah rather than quantity but in my opinion why not we focus on both?

anyhow life must go on. to all the students like me, dont let our eagerness to grab the rewards from Allah will spoiled our study. it will be a fitnah to our religion, islam. study is also ibadah and especially to the scholarship holder, its not just ibadah but also amanah. am i right?

now there is one question that has teased my mind. its start when two of my teachers said the same thing. one was yesterday and another one is today. it is about "study is one of the jihad/perjuangan fi sabilillah". so now i'm playing with the question and its time to recheck my self. how can't i feel it is one of the perjuangan when i study,doing assignment and wake up early to go to class? i feel there is someting wrong. -konflik dalaman-

mencari kenikmatan berjuang di jalan Allah. moga hidup ini pun berakhir di jalan Allah. amin.


Sunday, August 8, 2010

3 days to go

now three of my fingers are swallowing,

my sport house t-shirt missing already,

should i sue mak cik dobby?

tomorrow will be a first standardized test for math HL students,

i repeat 'math HL' ok,

its mean i'm gonna miss tonight community shield,

then after test there will be a football friendly match with KPM Beranang,

surely i'll not be in the line up for that match due to my injury,

on tuesday, all engineering student will have physics test,

also need to submit wold lit final draft(settled already),

when i asked why everybody like all of those things happen next week,

the reason is "saja sambut ramadhan,"

ok fine, perfect answer.

hopefully this hectic life can make me closer to Allah,

still have about 3 days to prepare for coming ramadhan.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

ramadhan race

"minggu depaan dah start puase eh?"
"ye la, sekarang dah hujung sya'aban dah pun.."
"oh ye...tak sedar plak aku.."

ramadhan is just few days to come, everyone ready to grab every reward awarded in this month?

it is more precious than honor roll award, you only have less than a week to prepare for this race. you can see every mukmin will compete each other in this month to grab the reward. fastabiqul qairat..

are you a muslim and mukmin? so dont waste this opportunity. get prepared so that we are really fit to grab everything in this ramadhan.

pray hard so that we can be in the coming ramadhan. tomorrow is not guaranteed yet.

Allahumma ballighna ramadhan...