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Sunday, December 19, 2010

lets make up our mind

anyone here wanna be a billionaire, put your hands up.

i'm pretty sure everybody wanna be a billionaire if they are given the opportunity but do you think you are ready to be a billionaire? do you ever heard there are people that suddenly receive the properties which the value is up to a billion and just after some times they lost it? it is simply because they are not ready to be it. they failed to control their own mind which is a precious gift from Allah. to control our mind is not easy as we control our computer. agree?

here i want to share a technique so called NLP (neuro linguistic programming), one of the technique to control our mind but just one thing to remind the readers, it is just a theory and its depend on yourself to make it applicable. there are five steps on how could we make up our mind to be what we want in the future.

1st: fill up your mind with anything that you want

we always heard that we can achieve on what mind can believe. long time ago, no one of our prophet's companions believe that islam can conquer the costantinople but prophet Muhammad was very optimistic. then eventually the dream comes true even though after hundred years. that kind of faith should have in our spirit, Allah will give what we want, just the matter we dont know when, keep putting the effort and praying.

2nd: say it

you have to make your dream clear. you could say it verbally or say it loudly if you want because our mind will work better with what we say. perhaps this affirmation technique will work well to the egoistic person i guess. you will try all the way to get what you said or you the alphabet 'L' will hang around your forehead. haha. at least you will feel there is something wrong when the things you do not towards what you want. let say you want to lose your weight but you still keep eating what you can eat even though it is the time to do something healthy for instance going to gym. does it make sense to you so far?

3rd: visualize it

you have to visualize your dream. it's quite dangerous i guess. you may end up dreaming but not work for it. haha.

when i was a hockey player, my coach always ask us to visualize about our tomorrow game before we go to bed. make it your dream through out your sleep if possible. imagine how would you play in 70min match. if it's penalty corner how would you deal with it. thats why a discipline player will sleep earlier during the match eve ( which i rarely do but i did visualize). however i never practice this when i representing my college in a football tournament. it is simply because my teammates didnt take it seriously. hang around until late night while ask the other to sleep early. its not worth dude to give a full commitment when you play a sport that require a teamwork. thats why we lost in the final. even people said we deserve to win but i would say no. we dont behave like a champion. as simple as that.

4th: put your emotion into it

as a human, emotion will act as an indicator to burn your desire. according to abraham maslow, emotion will be the main key for the maslow hierarchy of needs. for the businessman perhaps million of profits would motivate them. for the students, getting a great result in exam which represent a good image for islam would be a great reward for them. for the sportsmen, it depends on your philosophy, just wanna win and being praise by the others? lost,there is no such word in my dictionary of sport.

5th: be confident.

you can do it. just do it, bother about the outcome. you scared that you will fail? failure is a key of success. dare to fail dude. if you dont trust your self, who else?

thats all the five steps. perhaps its gonna be useful towards coming 2011.



Jebat Malaya said...

malaih nak baca dalam BI...

-mfr5071- said...

so this post is not for you. as simple as that. peace=)

Sher said...

thank you for sharing this :)

Hidayatullah said...

slm ziarah~

Anonymous said...

input yg berguna... ;)