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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


situation 1
pressure is proportional to force and inversely proportional to area or in simple mathematics P=F/A. meaning that if the force is increase while the area is keep constant, the pressure will definitely increase. application: when exam just around the corner.

situation 2
now lets think about hot air balloon, when heat is supplied into the balloon, the balloon will easily float because the density of air inside the balloon become lesser. application: when exam just around the corner, hand and leg are easy to float

show (situation 1)(situation 2) = ada ja orang nak kena lempang laju2.

LHS= when exam just around the corner, everybody will work hard to revise everything before exam but all the input are going into a same size of brain. this cause the pressure increase and in this situation, when there are people that try to make this person angry, ada ja orang nak kena lempang laju2 = RHS, shown!!

to mathematician and physician, ampun kalau relation diatas bercanggah.

saja mengarut sebentar meredakan stress. suddenly the temperature rise (physically and mentally) to the limit but ED38 act as a effective depressant and reduce the temperature a bit. hope i can stay cool until this friday.



arlina said...

yang the first situation tu menarik. kalau kita luaskan area kita, maka pressure pun reduce lah kan.

so, jom lah kita luaskan perspective hidup kita,

tengok dunia dari dimensi akhirat =)

ok bye, sorry kalau pandangan budak medic tak relevant langsung!

..:Cha-Pik BiDi:.. said...

pait, hg da lempang orng laju2 ka???
ish3 terok tui..haha

Mustafa Farhan said...

tiba2 rasa mcm nk tulis smthg psl ED38 gak.. haha.. utk situation skrg, ak rasa aman sgt dgn class. tgk smua bg commitment eventhough ad a bit conflict dlm class.. those stuff makes a sense of warmth. kau rasa x? haha