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Sunday, March 20, 2011


one week holiday #hockeyhockeyhockey

next i've to focus on #studystudystudy

class will start by tomorrow

i've two weeks to prepare so that i'm fit for the IRP.

i've about 6 weeks to prepare so that i'm fit to sit for the final exam.

i've about 2 months to end the IB program.

the only thing that i wanna say is that #prayforme

sunday, March 20, 2011
live from c239
streamyx zone dari bilik=)

*p/s-then i wish i'm fit to make a comeback


Sher said...

will be praying for you and all the Year 2's.. :)

abon said...

good luck !

dato muda nizar said...

peeerrrggghhh,.bole punyaa laa paih!!