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Thursday, November 11, 2010


this post i dedicated to my youngest brother. i dont know whether he will read or not but he is one of my follower.

firstly i have to admit that i'm not a good brother. i may contribute nothing for this excellent achievement. congratulation for getting 5As in UPSR. i'm proud of it. lets continue our delegacy. lets show the people that the sportsman can excellent in sports and academic.

now is the time for you to choose where is your next stop.MRSM or SBP. its hard to choose because the place is limited but trust me, you may choose. i know i'm still nobody without any title yet but this is faiz. people may not know who am i but you may no me better.

here i wanna share something. at least you have something to think about your next destination. when i was at your situation, i wish i could enter mrsm and i can if i want but mama wanna me to enter sains pokok sena, which is just in front of our house. i dont like that decision, i wish i could be in somewhere far away from home. and luckily i got the offer from sains kedah in sg petani. although not really far, at least it is 1 hour from our house.

now i'm very grateful i'm not the mrsm student. haha, i dont want to mention it here why i said so. just to be fair.

i think thats all. again, congratulation muhammad aiman b. rodzi for getting 5As. always pray that the number of As will keep increasing.ameen. here is a quotation for you as the end of this post.

"i already filled up two out of four boards in sains kedah
main hall. you may filled another two or just filled up the same boards. i dare
-your brother-



Mustafa Farhan said...

jadi realiti pula msg kau ni. congratz untuk adik Faiz!

p/s mai lah masuk integomb! haha

XD said...

mrsm !

saz said...

congrats utk adik ~

Sher said...

Writing this already makes you a good brother.. :D

AiMan YakUza said...

thnx my br0ther...i will d0 the best for our family n myself...