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Sunday, September 5, 2010

E09D newspaper: Is MCB will be your next destination?

E09D was published it newspaper last Friday on September,3rd 2010. this is one of the feature story extract from the newspaper. hopefully this feature story will not lead to controversy since it is published to the public. this feature story will be more interesting if it has some pictures but i failed to do that. btw have a pleasure...

written by mfr5071.

All the SPM leavers may wonder when they receive an offer to pursue their foundation studies in a place named MARA College Banting (MCB) by doing a weird name program so called ‘International Baccalaureate (IB)’. Is it a pre-degree program or pre-school program? Thus, you are choosing a right article to read and keep reading line by line which will bring you to deeply fell the future of your pre-degree studies.

MCB is publicized as among the top IB world school around the world. It is located at among the busiest place in Malaysia which your daily background melody will be the sound of aeroplane day and night. Once you step into MCB, you will feel very reluctant to step out because of it great facilities plus your outing will cost of walking about 15 minutes to the bus stop with the bus just pass through the bus stop only once in an hour.

Talking about the great facilities of MCB, you will share a luxurious room with your roommate. You do not need to worry about the size of the room since it will be big enough for you. How big is big? Just imagine that if you are a muslim you cannot even spread out your praying mat. Besides that, there is good news to all the sports lovers since you will have great sports facilities that you cannot have it outside of MCB for instance gymnasium which will be restricted for girls twice a week even though there is no girls that enter the gymnasium and the classic hockey facilities which sometimes we can confuse whether it is a hockey stick or a firewood. The latest is the college just invested thousands of money to build a lawn ball field which it seems like the best ever historical monument in MCB since we can see it every day without any people use it. What a great investment!

Now I am pretty sure that all of the readers can already imagine how MCB looks like. Then I will be a conductor to guide you to walk into the IB life of MCB. IB Diploma program is a pre-degree program which will grant you a blissful moment ever in your life. By doing this program only you can have the experienced of not sleeping throughout your night not because of playing video games but by working hard to complete your internal assessment. In addition, when you are in this program, you will feel that you have very much free time which you will find that you can spent more time in front of your laptop, facebooking and play the online games. As the consequence you will have lot of procrastinated assignment and end up with blaming the IB Organization by accused it try to ruin your life. As usual, you always think you are right, well, you are cream of the cream student that were offered the scholars right?

In a nutshell, you should not feel absurd when you get an offer letter to pursue your study by doing IB Diploma at MCB. Perhaps this article already constructs a big picture of your wonderful life when getting that offer. Just the matter you start preparing your mental and physical or just throw away the offer letter and look into other choices. For further details, you may visit or

can it be classified as feature story? haha. leave your comment.


Sher said...

Lots of irony.. I do hope you persevere with life @ KMB even if it causes such distress for everyone.. It's not really that bad..;)

Mustafa Farhan said...

mne pic?

adilah said...

puan noraini dah ckp..mara jer approve kta among best ib world schools