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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

are you brilliant?

this year, i still manage to visit my friends' house, hang out with them and play futsal even though my holiday is full of assignment. i spent my time with them at night. after maghrib until....

one thing to share here. i meet a lot of brilliant people. it is up to you how you define 'brilliant'. most of these brilliant people are very good in their field but something i do not know whether they realize or not, they probably brilliant in their field but they may be very stupid in some other fields. so, this holiday, the behavior of brilliant people thought me something.

perhaps before this i just observed from my surrounding since i was surrounded by a lot of brilliant people. am i right KMBians? but this time i have some talk with these brilliant people and try to see how they think. some of my guessing are justified but i know it is not applicable to all. that is how i learnt. but dont worry, i never judge people. i learnt ToK, i learnt social science. human behavior can't give you certainty,it is very subjective.

therefore, jump to the conclusion, we have to respect and listen to others even who we are. then, it's ok if u think u are not among the brilliant people, because brilliant people never claim they are brilliant.

thank you.


i'll finished my reading on "ranjau sepanjang jalan" and "my fair lady" by tomorrow. maybe my next post can be the review of both of them. zero progress on my ee. just a bit effort on physics and math handout. no idea on math portfolio. let see how my holiday ends.

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