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Friday, August 27, 2010

second half already begin

Ramadhan 17, 1431.

while we are gearing up to the fullest,
to grab every reward in this ramadhan,
to search for al qadar,
there are people that already think about raya,
never realize that today is nuzul quran,
the raya songs already played in the laptop,
it seems like we are praying so that this ramadhan quickly ended.
perhaps that is our culture,
which is different with prophet Muhammad and his companions' era,
that's why nowadays its ok if we are not in cultural norm,
because our cultural norm is not normal already,
so keep practicing what are stated in quran and sunnah,
even people weirdly glancing on you.
its like a song : " i'm not afraid to stand alone"

"beruntunglah orang yang dagang..."


1 comment:

AmEeR BaKrY '93' said...

maybe because of our some MALAY culture bring us back to JAHILIAH side....