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Sunday, August 8, 2010

3 days to go

now three of my fingers are swallowing,

my sport house t-shirt missing already,

should i sue mak cik dobby?

tomorrow will be a first standardized test for math HL students,

i repeat 'math HL' ok,

its mean i'm gonna miss tonight community shield,

then after test there will be a football friendly match with KPM Beranang,

surely i'll not be in the line up for that match due to my injury,

on tuesday, all engineering student will have physics test,

also need to submit wold lit final draft(settled already),

when i asked why everybody like all of those things happen next week,

the reason is "saja sambut ramadhan,"

ok fine, perfect answer.

hopefully this hectic life can make me closer to Allah,

still have about 3 days to prepare for coming ramadhan.


1 comment:

Sher said...

Good luck for the test?
Ermm.. how did you find my blog?
Happy Fasting! :)