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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

ahlan wa sahlan ya ramadhan

salam ramadhan to all readers,today is the first of ramadhan and most of the bloggers wrote about about ramadhan. everybody step into ramadhan with full of hope and i prayed so that all of my fellow bloggers can achieve the target.

yesterday i was challenged to compete in doing 'amal' and i accept it without hesitate. some people said better we focus on quality of our ibadah rather than quantity but in my opinion why not we focus on both?

anyhow life must go on. to all the students like me, dont let our eagerness to grab the rewards from Allah will spoiled our study. it will be a fitnah to our religion, islam. study is also ibadah and especially to the scholarship holder, its not just ibadah but also amanah. am i right?

now there is one question that has teased my mind. its start when two of my teachers said the same thing. one was yesterday and another one is today. it is about "study is one of the jihad/perjuangan fi sabilillah". so now i'm playing with the question and its time to recheck my self. how can't i feel it is one of the perjuangan when i study,doing assignment and wake up early to go to class? i feel there is someting wrong. -konflik dalaman-

mencari kenikmatan berjuang di jalan Allah. moga hidup ini pun berakhir di jalan Allah. amin.


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