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Saturday, August 21, 2010

one third

"menulis dengan perasaan bercampur baur, angkara IB.."

the times goes by,
it seems like just yesterday i said ahlan wa sah lan,
but today it's eleventh already,
am i seize every seconds and opportunities?

it's like non stop heavy rain,
it is up to us whether to use every drops of it,
or just to let it flowing into the drain,
jibril once said to our prophet.
"it is very bad for those who have the opportunity to be in Ramadhan,
but they never try to be a better person",
the prayer was 'amin' by our prophet Muhammad.

we still have about nineteen more days,
for those who are just realize it,
better grab these opportunities,
next year is not guarantee yet.

"Dan janganlah berasa lemah dan sedih, sesungguh kamulah paling tinggi sekiranya kamu beriman [3:139]" - be strong.


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