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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Open discussion: education

Last week i initiated an open discussion in one of the closed group in facebook (my school batch). The idea is just to see the young teenagers discussing more serious topic on facebook, not just posting 'rubbish' and stalking people. haha

here i pasted the outcome of the discussion and could be further discussed here. You may agree or disagree with the opinion. Don't forget to leave your opinion if you have ;)

Open discussion:

Since school days i was thinking there are something wrong with our education system.

In my opinion the system are producing selfish and ignorance product. What they think or probably what WE always think is just about ourselves. Doesnt care what happen around us as long as nothing give bad effect to us.

What say u?

This discussion could be in any language as long as could b understand by others. All future profesionals, academics n teachers are invited to voice out the opinion. No right or wrong answer.

Mat Dark syukurlah negara kita aman dan makmur !

Izmar Shazwan ak kt jepun skng ni, ape ak nmpk, diorang ni xselfish, they always care almost for everyone and ak rse mnde ni just mind set kite. kte bleh ubah bnde ni, tp xleh nk hrp org tlg ubah laa kn. kne ubah sndiri... to omoimasu~ ^^

Zharif Asyraf aku selaku bakal guru, aku rasa sistem pendidikan malaysia sudah bagus...cuma perlu sedikit penambahbaikan dari segi pemupukan soft-skill.....

Mohd Faiz Bin Rodzi Myb Izmar Shazwan bleh bg exmple skit part care tu n Zharif Asyraf myb bleh further elaborate kt mna bagusnya sistem pendidikan malaysia ;)

Mohammad Ifwat Zaim Zakaria sistem OBE..outcome based education

Izmar Shazwan ak bru dok cni bpe hri je, tkat yg ak nmpk laa, bnde2 bese tu laa.. cm psal smph, diorang jge gle kot, tegor2 kalo sillap buang, tndas diorang pon mne kne bayar, free je, sbb sume pndai cooperate jge elok2 cmtu r.. ade bnyk lgi.

Nur Al-fatihah positive statement. about our education system yg skrg ni, tak pandai plak nak analysis mcm mana. for me, kena tgk involvement product tu. sbg contoh, if a person become a teacher, dia jadi cikgu bukan utk dapat title tapi utk manfaatkan kat orang lain. its not like he/she only thinks about theirselves. sama la doktor ka sapa2, ilmu yang dpt tu bukan utk disimpan or ditayang2 tapi utk diamalkan. education doesn't mean intra class only, depend on our brain to interpret it in what way.

Shima Awang in china, one lecturer is only allowed to teach one subject. this will help them to focus on their subject and to improve their teaching skill. since they keep repeating and teaching the same thing every year. in uk, coursework to exam ratio is not 40:60. the highest ratio can be 30:70 and the lowest can be 10:90. the higher the level of studies, the lower the ratio.therefore students need to perform very well in exam to pass the module.also, we dont have test and the attendance will not be taken. students need to be independent to pass the exam

Mohd Faiz Bin Rodzi In utp a lcturer has to teach at least 2 sbjects. Wah no attendance taken. Teringat aku sorang lcturer dh x pduli psal attndnce.bila dia sdar da student dpt ful mark test even xprnah nmpak.dlm.kelas. Dan satu lg aku hampir kena bar final utk paper thermo this.sem. Haha. Sja mncelah. Keep sharing friends!!!

Shima Awang hahaa tp rasanya better kot ada attendance and test bagai. at least x lah rasa berat sangat. cumanya from the positive side mmg kna independent la. huhuu since all student will be treated equally. exam pki angka giliran exam mcm spm tu and akn ada examiner dr luar yg akn check blk marking paper..

Nurasyikin Mohd Murshid rasanya, dpends on individu tu kot....ignorance and individualistik tu kan one's attitude, mungkin kita xleh blame sistem, but blame ourselves for being that alhamdulilah la kita xjd cmtu kan.... but from ape yg ak nampak, org yg ade NIAT YG CLEAR knapa dia blajar, biasanya akan mnjadi produk yg bagus masa tempoh blajar n insyaAllah masa future nanti jugak.... n alhamdulillah, sistem pndidikan kita yg mungkin banyak flaws ni dh lahirkan banyak tokoh, pemimpin, ilmuan sume...n the most important is kita semua still ada ksedaran utk bncang pasal ni....which mean, we are product of the system, n yet each one of us turn out to be a great person...alhamdulillah...=)
(mintak maaf kalau just pndapat dr org yg masih bertatih..byak lg kena ubah...=) )

Farhiza Abdul Lahin The education in Malaysia to what I see is tht d syllabus n also the language use for math and science kept changing from malay 2 english then back 2 malay. 2 wht i believe teaching math and science in English is good cuz it has produce a generation tht able to speak in English. Malaysia is one of d country tht their ppl able to speak in English in majority rathr than only speaking malay thus attract the foreign market to come to MY which help MY to increase the stability of d economy.
So we need to force d student practicng English 4 d future.

Since we r SBP student, which focuses on science, we has been brought 2 diz school in age 13 and force 2 learn all d subject, cuz we think n our parent think after scoring in UPSR 5A, we are destined to be an engineer or a doctor. We r striving in studying, blaming ourself for failing and for 5 years long we r force to study these subject, in the end aftr SPM whre we need to make our own choice, with our result tht barely passes we r trying 2 make a decision in choosing our path. At this stage the only thing d that student normally do is choosing something that they know or related 2 wht thy've studied b4. Which is basically on the science stream since we r SBP student. After graduating, we r striving to find a job tht fits our education n refuse for any job tht doesn’t. Resulting to an increase of numbr of unemployed. The graduates r suppose 2 help d country 2 develop.
What i realy wanna say is tht, d student aren’t able to manipulate their talent n use it as their career because they r force to study something that is repellent 2 their nature. If the students able to recognize their talent its benefited 2 evryone.
“choose a job that u love n u will nvr hav 2 work in ur life” ~ Confucius
This is only a share of thoughts n hope u’ll undrstnd, sori 4 d long post..

Muaz Zulkhairi ‎~bagi ak,jadual yg kita guna tu mmg cantik dah kalo kita nk amalkan dlm rutin kita as mhasiswa la ni.tapi yg x stuju dgn subjek2 dia..
mgkin bgi kerajaan dia nmpak bila stdent bljar basic smua bnda,dia lbih snang nk plih sbjek2 yg dia pling suka nti.alla kulli hal,yg sal bntuk sfat pnting dri tu mgkin ya mgkin tdak.dia lbih pda diri sndiri..
rsanya org yg bt medic msti rsa suasna pntingkan dri ni.smua org tlalu sgt nk b'lumba.
kita mgkin power academic,tpi kalah dri segi skill.prktikal pn 6blan ja.MSU wlpun uni swasta,prktikal dia stahun.sbb tu prtusan pmbilan stdent dia bkerja pas 6blan grad,95%,wallahualam..
now,ce kita bncg solution prob ni lak.

Muaz Zulkhairi ‎~hari ini semuanya politik..
nak buat banggunan,perlukan politik untuk cari kroni dan sebagainya..

~nak belajar pun perlukan politik rupanya..
cari kabel untuk masuk SBP,universiti mahupun Phd..

p/s~jadi untuk bersihkan semuanya,kena bersihkan dahulu politiknya,wallahualam..

(xda kaitan,tapi ada kaitan)

Mohd Faiz Bin Rodzi there is a situation whereby a kids, still in primary school btw. he's very good at automotive stuffs, like to read the magazines and explore all automotive related stuffs. the problem is he dont want to study. u know what we learn in primary school right. his parents hv no idea on this. this is true story and i heard so many story like this and one of them is a man who just complete his master on electronic engin even though he fails some subjects in spm. so what do u think?

Farhiza Abdul Lahin I know this one man, he is very attracted 2 d autmotive since he was a kid, n he being scold by his parents for skipping school n also buying car when he is 17 yrs old. His result is very bad, but he know wht he really want, n his parent know he wont able to achieve his dream without any diploma or dgree then he take his STPM n study just to pass d requiremnt needd to get 2 politeknik 4 a diploma in automtve. with only tht qualification he get a job n people see his passion when he is working whether off job or in job.. n now i see him to be very hepi on his achievement n nvr did regrets his action.
I cant comment on d person who just completd his EE Msc cuz i dunno bout d subject tht he take on his SPM..

Mohd Faiz Bin Rodzi meaning that ; exam --> cert--> work ?? ;P how if exam --> fail --> end of life? Hahaha

Farhiza Abdul Lahin study for d diploma just 2 pass it n get a job n excell in d job, an experience is more valuable thn any dgre or Msc..
Y did he fail?? is it bcuz he doesnt want 2 study or bcuz he has study n still fail?

Mohd Faiz Bin Rodzi Haha just take example of those who fail in their exam n feel like it was the end of their life. Surely there are many other ways to succeed in life even without any cert but our system bring us to that way. Seems like without cert, u cant succeed in life.

Farhiza Abdul Lahin Now d cert does important, cuz its n easy way to get a job.. but if he fail, he need 2 put an xtra effort to find a job unless he's willing 2 take d risk to be on d same position as the person tht graduated.. he is juz wasting his time for thnking on how useless he is 4 failng where he can think what else can i do? wht choice do i have? whts my next move? thre r thousands way 2 succed.. havng a cert is a safe way where we r all qualified 2 hav a job.. hope u undrstnd for this poor explnation..

Shima Awang one of my lectrer, he failed in reaction kinetic for the bachelor degree. but now he is doing phd on the topic :)

Farhiza Abdul Lahin i think he want 2 challenge himself 2 take d topic.. mybe he hv diz prception "Why did I fail this topic" so he research more to find out d reason..

Shima Awang yeah we should be like that too!

Nazri Wafi no doubt todays educational system in malaysia in "biased" on certificate holders..kononya cream of the cream..lagi2 skrg..coz ada A+ A ngan A- suma tu just to differentiate certain A holders. Its all sbb competition. Kat malaysia, its a race, a race to gain places in universities and get the best education there is. And ur results are the only marks you need to get it..Mcm aku pernah dlu sekolah kat International School- kat sana your exams take 60% of your marks n 20% behaviour and 10% participance. So budak2 akan stadi- sbb 60% tu bnyak kot, 20% jadi budak baik, and 10% jadi proactive- mnjwb soalan, and take part in events. Then baru cikgu bagi A ke B ke...kat Msia, 100% marks even though dia ni kaki buku, n x pernah social, no personal skills, and x proactive..u call that cream of the cream?

Farhiza Abdul Lahin Yes it does biased.. we need 2 hv d cert to hav a secured job, Mlysian eduction is missing out d point whre students need 2 learn d soft skill needed 2 srvive in our career later on n not only d knowledge..

Mohd Faiz Bin Rodzi great great great. anybody else to add anything?

Mohd Fitri Mhd Zaki Education in Malaysia would even be way more better if it is not being 'politicalized'. LoL

Mohd Syahmi Asyraf Nazri Wafi , whre is the other 10%?? plzz explain more of ur exp at internatonal schol...

Nazri Wafi Kalo nk cite bnyk lak..bole je tnya apa2.InsyaAllah aku jwb, yg sal 10% tu cikgu tu sndiri determine kalo kita ni proactive dlm kelas ke x..contohnya nk mnjwb soalan, bgi opinion, participate dlm conversation. ptg2 pun slalu ada cm club2 abis sekolah-tu pun mnyumbang gak

Mohd Faiz Bin Rodzi the way i feel is same like how he feel about our education system. the different is aku tak la dapat result macam dia. hahaha read n think: Why I regret getting Straight A1 in SPM

Nurasyikin Mohd Murshid hurm...honestly ramai je yg macam tu....purpose of obtaining straight a's utk fame, scholarships, nk jd contoh(utk adik2), nk jd the bila dah pulun punya pulun....n dapat...then what?? what then??....
kalau tu je la niat kita...habis kt situ je la kan....mungkin lepas ni biar niatkan pada yg lebih jauh n yg lebih pasti kan...~ (selingan je...)

Nazri Wafi mmg pedas a blog mamat ni..alhamdulillah aku rsa batch kita, sekolah kita mmg x menyerlah dari segi purata straight A, x menyerlah dari segi kedudukan di SBP, n x menyerlah bnyk lagi- tapi yg pasti kita suma menyerlah dari segi kenangan, memori bersama n msa susah sng suma sma2..Sumpah best gila time sekolah- sejuta kenangan pun x cukup, aku bnyk blajar dari korang suma dari dlu pakai seluar singkat time form 1 smpai pndai iron baju smbil tutup mata..huhu x menyesal masuk Md Jiwa! THANK U BRADER2 n SISTER2!!!!

Mohd Faiz Bin Rodzi hebat boleh iron baju sambil tutup mata. Haha

Farhiza Abdul Lahin this is a very interesting discussion.. 2 realize this now is not to late.. the act of ignorance is bad, inherit this knowledge 2 the others with hope they inherit it to the others..

Izmar Shazwan ija should write book about this, the tittle is "malaysian student's