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Sunday, October 10, 2010

english proficiency

this post could be influenced by the past 7 hours of my ielts class.

attending the ielts class for about 3 to 4 hours per day is one of the tedious moment of the day. you may try to plan something so that the class the class would not be perfect 4 hours. for instance come 10 minutes late to class and take a break for 15 minutes even the teachers said you can take a break just for 5 minutes.

i would say that i'm one of the student who behave like that but i'm just stealing for about less than 10 minutes overall. stealing? when i think a suitable word to use in wrtiting this post then i realize that stealing is something that is certainly prohibited, am i right? so something to ponder upon guys.

then back to the intention. sometimes we attending the ielts class just for the sake we dont want to fail the exam and have to reseat the exam and pay about rm600.

here i wanna share something. if i'm not mistaken, there is a hadith in a book of "kenapa saya menganut agama islam" by Fathi Yakan, which said about learning other language but i forgot the exact meaning of that hadith. the meaning is more or less said, our prophet once said, it is better for you to learn and be proficient in more than one language especially the jews language. readers, do correct me if i'm wrong. this is base on my reading about 3 years ago.

so i hope, with that hadith all my friends and i will be more sincere and encourage in attending our next ielts class. same goes to our english sl class.

my memory is still fresh with the experience during world ijtima' ulama' at masjid klia last year. how the speaker can convincely speaking and make all the audience into tears eventhough he is not a native english speaker. subhanallah.

i wish i could be like him. all depends on our effort and Allah will.

till the next knowledge. tq.


1 comment:

Sher said...

Faiz, writing your posts in English would be good practice and using English everyday, ie. SPEAKING.. :) InsyaAllah you'll be proficient. And yeah.. the IELTS class may seem tedious.. but, like you said,its something you gotta do.. GOOD LUCK!