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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

just wanna say something

sometimes we are more concern on what we saw.

even there are a lot of signs around us,

even there is a lot of lessons from the past.

lets take some examples.

mr. lactacyd (my facial cleanser,just to create a character,hehe)

a few years ago, when he was at school, he commonly went late to class without feeling anything but when he start working after graduated from the school, he was very discipline by arriving to his work place earlier than others so that his will not be scolded by his bos. is it happen to you?

why do you think this kind of attitude happen?

because we can see how people that come late to the office were scolded and their salary were cut off but we always went late to class when we were at school because we can't see the value of knowledge that we can get from the lecture. am i right?

we are growing in a system that trained us to be materialistic but is it worth to blame the others?

better we think what we can do because we the only person that will answer on what we did in our life in front of our 'creator',the ranking is much higher than your bos at the office.

"in quran, there are a lot of verse that tell us about what happen to the past generation because of their wrongdoings. it is not the matter we dont know about this things but its the matter we dont concern about it. the best solution is back to the quran and sunnah."

just have a stop for a while to look into the meaning of the quran before we continue our journey of life because we need it as a guide for us so that the end of our journey will be the heaven, the best place ever to end our life on this earth.



matt Dark said...

nice article!!!!!1

fiQ said...

Peoples said, laws are made to be broken.

But we know, never play with Allah's Laws. Coz people who played the laws before has suffered due to their actions.

Just refer to 22:44 and around.
As well as those of Madyan and Musa (too) was rejected, but I gave respite to the unbelievers, then did I overtake them, so how (severe) was My disapproval.

btw Faiz: nice article!!!!!2
Hidupkan diri, hiduplah kmb =)

-mfr5071- said...

syukran akh.
sometimes desakan akademik buatkan diri rasa mcm nk futur.

now i realize the importance of clear objective of this life.

we have no reasons to quit actually.