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Monday, July 19, 2010

extra point

when we receive our marked exam papers,sometimes we feel very anxious when we see our mark is just one point to achieve a higher grade. at that time what we will do?

commonly we will consult our teachers and persuade them with hope that we will get bonus one mark. we will refer back to our coursework and for sure this kind of persuade will be more easy if we have a good relationship with the teachers. am i right?

perhaps my seniors of kmb who are now really hope for the bonus points to pass the requirement are more understand this situation.

now let say this situation happen to us while we are on the judgement day?

we need only one 'pahala' to enter the heaven.

at that time we have no chance to persuade anybody but we still can hope for a bonus points which are syafaat from Nabi Muhammad the Messenger of Allah or the syafaat from Al-Quran.(do correct me if i'm wrong). but...

do you think Nabi Muhammad will give his syafaat to us if we dont care about our relationship with Allah while we were alive?

dont you feel ashamed to ask for syafaat from Nabi Muhammad while we were alive,we dont ever remember him?

still do you think quran will give the syafaat to us but we always have something else to do instead of reciting quran and understand it?

we want to say we are busy?

they also can say they are busy, there still have a lot of people that deserve the syafaat. the people that always keep their good relationship with Allah,always remember to His messenger and apply the sunnah in daily life and always make sure their tongue keep reciting the quran and always said a good thing. are we among this group of people or else?

just for our reminder. we have to remind each other.

since we are in sya'aban, get prepared for ramadhan and pray hard to Allah so that we can again be in ramadhan because tomorrow is not guarantee.

cuti sempena academic day semalam.


1 comment: said...

nice article.
good relation.
time to be consistence.