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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

aku dan sekolah

ku curi sedikit masa untuk mencoret sesuatu disini.

kali ini terasa ingin berbicara soal "high performance school" yang baru di senarai pendekkan dalam akhbar-akhbar tempatan kelmarin. 1 million untuk sekolah yang mendapat status ini.

how about my former school?

sains kedah or sms sultan mohamad jiwa tiada dalam senarai. no wonder. in my opinion my former school really not deserve that title.

i come out with this issue after log in facebook for a while because i'm looking for something quite important in my inbox and i can see some of my seniors and juniors discuss about this thing.

i suddenly missing my former school. so far aku dah berhenti update tentang sekolah. nntah la apa yang terjadi kepada sekolah. sometimes i thinking about hockey team but... aku pon ada dengar something yg kurang baik berlaku di sekolah but i have no interest to find more about that.

i wish i'll not step in there anymore for some years but i know i cant do that. yeah...aku still akan balik untuk berbudi but not like myself before. nothing to concern about and i'll just going back there to do my 'job'.




adilah said...

why u're wishing you don't ahve to go to the school.
instead, you should have helped them to get back on their fee t right.
like us, we can't.
we're their hate causes.
who can really help them, i'm asking.
all that hppened to 0509 was bad, i don't like it.
but having the teachers feel disrespected.
we have to do something bout that.
how and who, is just the question isnt it?

-mfr5071- said...

i'll help in general way...
they will get the benefits if they want and they make a move...

stebot said...

hope so, its sad as it is leaving the school in that condition. i feel guilty myself that me and my friends couldn't bring the school to a better level~