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Friday, January 2, 2009

messages from mimbar for friday,5th muharam..

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Smoga kita semua berada di dalam rahmat Allah pada hari jumaat bersamaan 5 Muharam 1430h.

Today I would like to share some knowledge and informations that I heard whilst the khutbah jumaat at the mosque in my qariah..the khutbah was about corruptions.

Base on the data from Jabatan Pemerhati Antarabangsa…our country was at 43th place from 108 countries around the world that had been investigated. u proud with da ranking??? How can we say our country is the Islamic country??

Corruption is a disease that should be stop immediately before it becomes more we can see the rich people become richer…that is one of the doomsday sign..the leader life is very luxurios while the caliphs during the Islamic glorius are poor than their do u think?? Do our country still practice the Islamic rule?? Why a lot of people protest when somebody want to execute the hudud laws?? Hudud is one of the law from Al-quran…from Allah…who we are to protest the law?? Whose the greatest actually??

Mimbar also touch about the current situation at Palestin…a lot of our muslim members were killed by yahudi laknatullah atrociously…but the Islamic country around the Palestin just see…maybe we can see the protest at our country..but a lot of people not aware that actually a lot of people at our country are helping the zionis to attack Palestin and killed our siblings there…actually the zionis use the profit from the selling of cigarettes to buy and create the weapons to attack Palestin!!! So…how can the person stand and protest while the cigarettes are in his pocket???

Besides that…the mimbar also ask all the jemaah to recheck ourselves…the world are going to the end..we need to make sure that anything we do in our daily activities are base on Al-Quran and hadith…we need to make sure we own the pure iman…try all out to increase our taqwa to Allah…since the sunrise occur at the east..we still have the time..

That’s all the messages from the mimbar for this Friday…hopefully we can take some benefits from the messages…

Before I end this entry..i would like to apologize if there are a lot of English mistakes or any other mistakes..

Sekian…semoga kita semua berada di atas landasan yg betul dalam mengejar keredhaan Allah…-amin-


naimah said...

i feel great to read this..
klau bkesempatan, mr kta sma2 bri bntuan mlalui puan romlah..
dia ada organise tabung untuk rakyat palestin..
smoga kta sm2 dpt mnjlnkn tggjwb sbgai muslim...insyaAllah... said...

teror gler tulis dlm english.
compem A1 nnti..
teruskan k.

SkyScrappers said...

I'm proud of you as my senior.
Mat Jiwa jadi semakin sempoi sebab pengaruh form 5 saya thanks bnyk2 sebab bg kesedaran kt org len especially budak Mat Jiwa...teruskan...i always provide my support for you...