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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Let's learn to contribute something to this world

From day to day since i began my holiday on May, i went here and there, observing, thinking, reflecting and sharing thoughts. Even now, with couple of weeks remaining before i resume my study, i still grab every chances to go around, mingle with people at my hometown. i found this very interesting. 

social science

i did learn about this subtopic in Theory of Knowledge (TOK) class even i am not very sure what actually i learn from that subject. What i remember is that, human behavior is not certain. we can make an experiment on human behavior, using the large sample, plotting graph, eventually with this statistics methodology, the final conclusion is just a generalization, not an exact answer like 3x2 = 6.

it is  more or less remind me a lot in dealing with people, in whatever circumstances. However, if we add some religious value in our view, in my opinion we can improve the accuracy of our generalization on human, or human thoughts to be precise ( what i want to emphasize). i.e quran and sunnah as our guide.

worth thoughts to be ponder upon

regarding to that, past few days i spent time on a lecture that i found very interesting. No animation, no jokes but the content was superb! the lecture was delivered by Prof Dr Tariq Ramadan at IIUM Gombak, couple of days before last Ramadan.

actually i wish i can attend that lecture but it was on the day i departing to Aussie for my vacation. Fortunately the organizer recorded that lecture. the way Prof conveyed his message, his opinion will not make you sleepy but thinking. 

i jotted down some points that i will attached together in this post. the note is in english, broken english i would say, improper sentence but i hope it may give some input to us. May the improper sentences will instill your interest to watch the full lecture and get the true meaning on what i am trying to say.

why i share this?

i really think that this lecture can be a paradigm shift to us, especially Malay. The way we think, the way we judge people, the way we see things around us. i would say there are something wrong with us. We could say his opinion does not favor us as malaysian, because he is from europe. he dont understand our culture but like i said earlier, his points are from quran, from sunnah. 

therefore, for those who read this post, has plenty of time doing nothing, still in holiday, try to spend time for my suggestion. at the end of the day, this is just my suggestion, my opinion that this lecture is good, feel free to disagree, but justify why you are not disagree, a value that we, malay should have.

Prof Dr Tariq Ramadan

link of lecture: In footsteps of prophet, how muslims should contribute to the world
my note: pdf file

until then, see you when i see you.


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Thank you for sharing :)