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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Quran as the supporting document

Rasulullah once said if we hold and follow the quran and sunnah, for sure we will not astray forever. That is why we should be closer to quran and hadith.

but how many pages of quran we recite per day?

how many verse that are in our mind?

how many hadith have us memorize?

or we just live our life by following the flow. we do something because the others do it? and when people ask us to comment on something we just give our opinion base on whatever come out in our mind without refer back to quran and hadith?

lets reflect ourselve and try to improve our relationship with quran and hadith.

if they are busy to find love,

lets us busy to build our iman,

if they are busy to find a couple,

lets us busy to find redha Allah,

if they cry because of the failure in their relationship,

lets us cry becaouse of our sins


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